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Electric Shower Basics

Electric Showers are a simple, economical solution for any home owner looking to install a shower system. The key advantage of Electric Showers over other shower systems such as Power Showers and Mixer Showers, is that they work independently of the household heating system, heating water instantaneously as it passes through the shower system itself rather than taking hot water from a storage tank. Consequently, an Electric Shower can easily be installed into any domestic water system irrespective of the heating system already in place and will provide a constant supply of hot water throughout the day and night regardless of whether or not there is preheated water in a hot water tank.
You'll find that water temperature on a budget Electric Shower is controlled by a power selector, usually offering two powers outputs, and a water flow rate selector. Meanwhile, more expensive Electric Showers have a single electronic control that governs the heating element, allowing for a simple variable temperature output.

Electric Shower Power and Flow Rate

You'll notice that Electric Showers are available in a range of wattages (kW), for instance, 7kW Electric Showers, 7.5kW Electric Showers, 9.5kW Electric Showers and 10.5kW Electric Showers are all common wattages. kW refers to a Kilowatt, or 1000 watts. The important thing to remember is that the higher the wattage, the higher the flow rate of your Electric Shower. Flow rate refers to the amount of water pumped through the Electric Shower system, this is usually measured in litres per minute. A typical 8.5kW Electric Shower would, for instance, deliver approximately 4 litres of water per minute whilst a 10.5kW Electric Shower would deliver closer to 6 litres of water per minute. These figures are dependent on the temperature of the water supply however. The cooler the temperature, the more heating required and therefore the lower the flow rate. For further details on flow rates and power ratings please see our Electric Shower Power Rating and Electric Shower Flow Rate sections.

Electric Shower Installation

Electric Showers take mains pressure water direct from the supply to your building rather than from a water storage tank in your house. This mains supply must have a running pressure of at least 1 bar and a flow rate of 8 litres per minute with a maximum static pressure of 10 bar.
An Electric Shower requires a cable to be fitted between the shower system and the fuse box, via a pull switch which isolates power to the shower unit. The specification of this cable depends upon the wattage of the Electric Shower system you intend to install. For much more detailed information regarding the installation of Electric Showers please read our Electric Shower Installation section.

Washer Dryers

Is your Washing machine ready for an upgrade? Why not consider a Washer Dryer such as the HNWL7166 from Hoover which comes packed with a whole host of fantastic energy saving features, not to mention your clothes will be cleaner and better cared for than ever before. See Hoover HNWL7166 for details. Alternatively, how about the WT2670, one of the best Washer Dryers on the market which boasts it's unique Honeycomb Care System which ensures your clothes are protected throughout the washing and drying cycles.

MP3 / MP4 Players

Check out the NWZ-S639FB Walkman MP4 player from Sony, Sony's answer to the iPod, packing a punch with 16GB of storage space for audio and video files and 40 hours of continuous playback.

Games Consoles

Also consider the Nintendo DS Lite White games console from Nintendo and with games available for any age or gender this truly is the most versatile games console on the market today.

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